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Welding has come a long way since the hammer and forge. Our welding engineers, inspectors, and welders can assist you in performing and improving conventional GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG), SMAW (STICK), FCAW (Flux-core) as well as allowing you to move into the 21st century from adoption of SAW (submerged arc welding) and laser welding. 

Owned and operated by welding engineers, PFR is the one-stop-shop for welding procedure development, inspection, and welding operation execution. Our seasoned machinists keep beauracracy to a minimum as your part need only travel a few feet from welding to machining before being shipped or picked up, and inspection keeps a close eye on welding to save you from unnecessary delays and headaches.

From 500 feet in the air to 100 meters below ground we can have our mobile equipment ready to go within a few short hours.

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